Facebook/Class Updates

What a lovely day for a workout! Join us at 9:30 at 25th and Spruce, and of course, don't forget your bands, kiddos, mats, and water! (Psst! Still time to check in for #monthofmama, don't forget that either!) See you soon, mamas!

Unfortunately, due to our lack of sunshine we are going to have to cancel class this morning. Stay dry Mamas! Don't forget to check in with your little ones working out at home! 👊🏼 Xoxo

Get it mamas! 9:30 at 12th and Catherine -- bring those bands, babes, mats, and water! Don't forget to check in on FB for your chance to win some awesome prizes this month! See you soon, ladies!

Morning, mamas! Due to the rainy forecast, we are postponing our free Stroller Strides class and Stay & Play to next Wednesday, May 31st. But have no fear, the race to our #Monthofmama prizes continues! Post a photo of you (along with your little one) in your best plank or push-up pose and remember to check in with FIT4MOM Philadelphia. Stay dry today, everyone, and we'll see you soon!

Fit4Mom Honolulu we're dreaming our yoga mats are beach towels and that we get to hop in the ocean after today's killer workout! So jelly of your beautiful location! We loooove our FIT4MOM girls! MUCH LOVE FROM PHILLY!

Happy Tuesday! Get outside and enjoy this beautiful sunshine! Bring your classy selves to12th and Catherine at 930 with those bands, babes, mats, and water. And don't forget, #monthofmama is only half over, so you still have plenty of chances to win some awesome prizes by checking in on FB! See you soon mamas!


All kinds of curvaceous. We are a new kind of strong, and we are SO proud to be featured in the new Target C9 campaign. Yes mama, yes! #OnlyAtTarget https://youtu.be/GkSmDe58Yno #FIT4MOM. #ad

WE ARE A NEW KIND OF STRONG! FIT4MOM is now being featured in the new Target C9 Campaign!!!! #sodope


"Happy Mother's Day. To the mamas-to-be eagerly awaiting their little ones. To the single mothers hustling hard on a daily basis. To the mothers who adopt and open their hearts to new depths. To the mothers who've suffered loss and know the pain of holding babies in their wombs, but never in their arms. To the step mothers who've formed new families and take on children to love like their own. To every joyful, tired, proud, and selfless variation of mother ... here's to you 🥂" - @ohbabynutrition . 📷 @dixie_rose


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