When can I begin FIT4MOM classes?

You are welcome to begin Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes as soon as you have completed your 6-week postpartum check-up. Once you have your physician’s approval, come join us!

You may start Fit4Baby classes as soon as you learn you are expecting and have received your physician's clearance.

What should I bring to class?


· Workout gear and athletic shoes

· Water and a light snack

· Hat and sunscreen for outdoor classes

· Mat/towel for abdominal work and stretching/cool-down portion of the class


· Water/formula/milk (Please note, we stop at regular intervals for strengthening/toning exercises, and if you need to step away to nurse your little one at any time, please feel free to do so.)

· Snacks

· Stroller

· Baby carrier (Optional, but a great idea in case your child becomes fussy.)

· Favorite toy or book (We will do our very best to keep your little one happy during class, but sometimes a familiar toy or book will do the trick!)

Do I have to use a jogging stroller?

No! In class we walk, power walk, jog, or run. Bring a sturdy stroller that is not prone to tipping so that your child is comfortable and secure throughout the 60-minute class. Please do not bring an umbrella stroller, and please no bassinet attachments. Ensuring that your infant has proper neck support is crucial, so please use your car seat attachment for your very little one.

Can I take classes while I’m pregnant?

Absolutely! In addition to our Fit4Baby program, you are welcome to attend our Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes. One of the many myths of exercise and pregnancy is that you shouldn’t work out during pregnancy if you were not engaged in an exercise program prior to becoming pregnant. However, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) states a healthy woman with a normal pregnancy may continue with her regular exercise regimen or begin a new program with physician approval. Regular activity and staying fit can help to reduce many maternal aches and pains, increase energy during pregnancy, and may speed the labor, delivery, and recovery process. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), exercise is just as important during pregnancy as it is at any other time of life.

Our instructors are trained in both pre- and post-natal fitness and follow ACOG guidelines. We can modify any exercise that presents an issue as you progress through your pregnancy. We always offer lower-impact and lower-intensity alternatives to every exercise so that pregnant women continue to work the essential muscle groups while keeping within a healthy perceived rate of exertion.

What if my child cries, fusses, or gets upset?

Join the club! All of the babies and toddlers will cry, fuss, or be upset at some point. We’ve all been there. Try to relax and keep calm. (Easier said than done, we know!) Your child’s happiness and safety and your enjoyment of the workout are our top priorities. Because we stop at regular intervals for strengthening/toning exercises, you can always step away to soothe or nurse your child and then catch up with us if you fall behind. In addition, instructors will do their best to step in and entertain children while class continues. If your child ever fusses so much that you need to leave class, we will be happy to credit you another class.

On some days, your child will just not want to cooperate, and that’s OK! As you attend class more frequently and develop a routine, your child will adapt to it. Most importantly, don’t allow these temporary hurdles or frustrations derail your ultimate fitness goals.

Does my child have to remain in the stroller during the entire class?

We understand that your children often can’t wait to get out of the stroller and join the class, but their safety is our biggest priority. ALL children must remain secure in the stroller throughout the duration of the class. Feel free to step away from the group should you need to nurse or comfort your child. You are also welcome to bring along a baby carrier if needed. Following the cool-down and stretching portions of class, many moms take their little ones out of the strollers so that they may run around, explore, and socialize with other children while moms relax.

What kind of training do instructors receive?

Through online and live coursework, instructors are trained in the foundations of exercise science, kinesiology, anatomy, and physiology, along with exercise programming specific to prenatal and postnatal clients. ACOG guidelines and injury prevention are also emphasized. Instructors also complete an infant/child/adult CPR certification program.

I work during the day. Are there any options for working mothers?

Yes! FIT4MOM Philadelphia has a wonderful and thriving group of working moms with full-time and part-time careers. Our goal is to include stay-at-home and working moms in as many activities as possible, from our fitness classes to our play groups, family activities, and Moms' Nights Out.

Currently, we hold Saturday morning classes as well as Monday and Wednesday evening sessions. Please be sure to check our Class Schedule for updated information about our class offerings.

Most of our working moms purchase either a 10-Class Pass (if they plan to attend classes more than once per week) or a Working Moms Membership (if they are only able to attend class once per week).

Can I still come to class if my baby is not with me on a particular day?

Absolutely! Maybe your spouse or family members have offered to watch your baby and give you a break. Or perhaps your child attends pre-school or a childcare program several mornings a week. You are still welcome to attend class, with or without your stroller. Enjoy the time to yourself and put a little extra oomph into your workout.

Do I need to be in great shape in order to take a class?

We have moms of all fitness levels and all body types in our programs. Whether you’re a first-time exerciser or marathon runner, you will find your stride with us. Each class is designed so that you are able to complete it no matter what your current fitness level may be. We encourage you to always listen to your body and exercise at a pace that leaves you feeling challenged yet energized. We support you wherever you are in your fitness journey, and our ultimate goal is to help you improve your physical strength and cardiovascular endurance in order to give you strength for motherhood!

What if the weather is bad? How will I know whether class is cancelled?

We will cancel class only in extreme weather conditions. If you have any questions about whether class will be held, please check our Facebook page, where we provide timely updates about the status of each class.

Isn’t FIT4MOM just a group of mothers who chat and drink coffee while pushing their strollers?

No way! Our classes are no walk in the park (literally or figuratively!). In one hour, you will get a total-body workout that will leave you feeling energized and fit. In addition to running/power walking intervals, we use resistance bands, exercise balls, benches, steps, and open fields for drills and obstacles. The words “burpee” and “plank” will become part of your daily vocabulary in no time. Trust us – you will definitely break a sweat.

What recommendations do you have for moms looking to get back in shape?

Set realistic expectations! Many days, just getting out of the house and making it to class is an accomplishment in and of itself. This is true whether you’re a fitness newcomer or seasoned athlete, mom of one or mother of four. Don’t put pressure on yourself to attend class 5 or 6 days per week at the very beginning; instead, start out slowly and build up gradually. Plan to attend class perhaps 2 days per week and work toward increasing the number of days as well as the intensity of your workouts.

It’s important to understand that our bodies change dramatically during pregnancy and that even moms who were super fit before pregnancy discover that they have lost a significant amount of strength, muscle tone and control, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. Again, manage your expectations. Start with small goals, and as you achieve them, challenge yourself to do more. Be proud that you are committing yourself to health and well-being. The results will come soon enough.

Do you offer indoor locations during the colder months?

Yes! FIT4MOM Philadelphia is a year-round program. We try to run classes outdoors from April through November before moving inside. We will keep you updated about the locations of our indoor classes.

Why should I join FIT4MOM Philadelphia?

FIT4MOM Philadelphia provides you with a unique bring-your-own-baby (BYOB) exercise program so that you can enjoy a challenging workout without feeling guilty about spending time away from your little one or rushing to arrange for childcare in order to hit the gym. By witnessing you incorporate regular exercise into your day-to-day routine, your child learns the importance of a healthy lifestyle and looks to you as a role model of fitness and wellness.

We provide a fun-filled, friendly, and judgement-free environment for moms of all fitness levels and at every stage of motherhood. In addition to the fitness benefits, FIT4MOM Philadelphia offers the opportunity to connect and build friendships with other moms through free weekly play groups, monthly Moms’ Nights Out, family activities, and community events.

Doesn’t this sound so much better than trying to squeeze in a home-exercise video while your child is napping?

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