What recommendations do you have for moms looking to get back in shape?

Set realistic expectations! Many days, just getting out of the house and making it to class is an accomplishment in and of itself. This is true whether you’re a fitness newcomer or seasoned athlete, mom of one or mother of four. Don’t put pressure on yourself to attend class 5 or 6 days per week at the very beginning; instead, start out slowly and build up gradually. Plan to attend class perhaps 2 days per week and work toward increasing the number of days as well as the intensity of your workouts.

It’s important to understand that our bodies change dramatically during pregnancy and that even moms who were super fit before pregnancy discover that they have lost a significant amount of strength, muscle tone and control, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. Again, manage your expectations. Start with small goals, and as you achieve them, challenge yourself to do more. Be proud that you are committing yourself to health and well-being. The results will come soon enough.

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