Why should I join FIT4MOM Philadelphia?

FIT4MOM Philadelphia provides you with a unique bring-your-own-baby (BYOB) exercise program so that you can enjoy a challenging workout without feeling guilty about spending time away from your little one or rushing to arrange for childcare in order to hit the gym. By witnessing you incorporate regular exercise into your day-to-day routine, your child learns the importance of a healthy lifestyle and looks to you as a role model of fitness and wellness.

We provide a fun-filled, friendly, and judgement-free environment for moms of all fitness levels and at every stage of motherhood. In addition to the fitness benefits, FIT4MOM Philadelphia offers the opportunity to connect and build friendships with other moms through free weekly play groups, monthly Moms’ Nights Out, family activities, and community events.

Doesn’t this sound so much better than trying to squeeze in a home-exercise video while your child is napping?

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